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Since 1994


Since 1994 Dreadhead has been centered on providing a fun & friendly atmosphere where your child will be motivated to work, learn and have fun. Our ultimate goal is to create a love of sports among our youth. It is within this newfound love that we hope to develop positive habits that will carry forward into our children’s adolescent and adult lives.  Our mission: “Creating smiles for today, athletes for tomorrow and knowledge of the sport for a lifetime.”


Deadline Date For Discount Tuition
  • Friday • November 22
    • No Dreadhead Track Shirt after Deadline Date 
Registration Fee
  • $175 – Early Bird Registration when you sign up before the deadline date
    • +2% Credit Processing Fee
  • $225 – After Deadline Date (No exceptions)
    • No Dreadhead Track Shirts
    • +2% Credit Processing Fee 
  • No Refunds after Deadline Date
    • Credit will be issued for the following year or a different season.
  • We use PayPal as our payment Platform
    • You do not need to have a PayPal Account
    • Simply click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
  • Pre K  –  5th Grade
Practice Information
  • Practice Location:  Deltona High School • 100 Wolf Pack Run, Deltona High School FL 32725
    • Enter on the street at Race Trac then walk to the track
    • Dates
      • 2024 – December 4 (Wednesday) • December 11 (Wednesday)
      • 2025 – January 8 (Wednesday) • 15 (Wednesday) • 22 (Wednesday) • 29 (Wednesday)
    • Times
      • All grades times are 6pm-7pm
      • Special Notice:  Due to Deltona High School’s Boys & Girls Soccer Games.  Some practices may be moved to Tuesday or Thursday  
      •  Special Note:  We start sharply start on time.  We strongly suggest arriving on time.  We do not cater to late arrivals.  If you are late this means you will need to walk the track and find your group and coach.  Parents are not allowed to leave during practice.
      • At the end of practice everyone will need to leave immediately.
      • We are not able to make up practices due to inclement weather.
Meet Information
  • Meet Location:  Deltona High School • 100 Wolf Pack Run 32725
    • Dates 
      • Saturdays
      • December 9 • 16 (Cancelled) • January 6 (Cancelled) Moved to January 7 • 13 • 20 • 27 • (Make up Meet February)
        • Please Notice:  Some meet dates and times may be moved due to bad weather, temperature or saturated track.
          • There is no guarantee meets will be made up due to the school’s pre-scheduled activities.
    • Times  
      • All Grades • Starts at 10 am
        • Meets are approximately 75 minutes
    • Note 
      • All efforts will be made to make up a lost meet due to inclement weather
  • Dreadhead Track Shirt • 5 events each meet • 5 ribbons each meet • 7 Practices • 6 Meets

Events (See ‘Events’ in Expectations for Specific grades)

  • 50 Meters
  • 75 Meters
  • 100 Meters
  • 200 Meters
  • 400 Meters
  • Hurdles
  • Javelin
  • Ball Throw
  • Standing Jump
  • Running Long Jump
Dreadhead Track Top
  • If you signed up after the registration date you will not receive a Dreadhead Track Top.
  • What you order is what you will receive; we do not have surplus sizes.
  • Your child must wear their uniform top to each track meet.
    • You do not need to wear it to practice.
  •  You must use your own black shorts.
  • Distribution
    • If you are not able to make it to practice you can pick up your uniform at the 1st track meet.
    • Each Dreadhead Track Top will be placed inside a plastic bag & labeled with your child’s information.
    • Dreadhead Track Tops will be distributed during the 1st & 2nd practice.
      • Dreadhead Track Top will be placed in large plastic bins.
        • The bins will be labeled separated:
          • T3
          • T4
          • T5
          • DeBary Elementary
          • Deltona Lakes Elementary
          • Forest Lake Elementary
          • Freedom Elementary
          • Friendship Elementary
          • Ivy Hawn
          • Manatee Cove Elementary
          • Orange City Elementary
          • Osteen Elementary
          • Pride Elementary
          • Spirit Elementary
          • St Barnabas Episcopal School
            • If your school is not listed look in these bins:
              • Youth Small
              • Youth Medium
              • Youth Large
              • Adult Small

Website (‘Expectations’ & ‘Update(s)’ Section)  Do not expect Dreadhead to send emails or text reminders for: practice dates, practice times, meets dates, meet times or inclement weather updates for practices or meets.  It it 100% up to parents to be accountable for this information from the website.  If you see impending weather looming check the website.  Go to the Winter Tab then scroll down to under the “Expectations” Tab  then under “Update(s); 1 hour before the start of the 1st practice or meet session. You are 100% accountable to check the “Update(s) when you think inclement weather may effect practice/meets.  DO NOT EXPECT AN EMAIL!



Before (Calling, Texting or Emailing)

Check here for updates for impeding weather updates for your practice or meet

  1. Re-Read ‘Information’ scroll back up for details.
  2. The ‘Expectation’ Tabs will have all the answers you need prior to the first practice and meet.
  3. Do not expect reminder emails.
  4. Check the dates and times one week prior to the 1st practice & 1st meet.
  5. ‘Update(s)’ Tab:  Check once a week for updates and any inclement weather that may effect open practices or meets.


Dates:  March 17 • 24 • 31 • April 7 • 14 • 21 • May 5
Time: 1pm
Deltona High School 
Enter the school on the road next to RaceTrac not Wolf Pack Run
5-10 Minutes before the start time  
I strongly suggest not to be late. We will start promptly on time. 
It will take ‘literally’ 10 minutes to park, get out of the car and walk to the track.
Look at the concession building, straight as you walk to the track.
Girls left side of the building. Boys right side of the building.
We will practice for about 40 minutes then go directly to the meet.
Runners will be grouped into smaller group by grades not gender.
Grades are grouped together with a Coach • Assistant Coach • Team Parent
Gather by the person blowing a series of whistle.
Parents are welcome to listen to the expectations.  
Each Runner does 5 Events
Read the the information on the Events Page to figure out what he/she will be doing. 
Important Notice –  During the field events each child will have 2 chances.  Best chance will be marked.
Runners receive ribbons after each event.  
Coach • Assistant Coach • Team Parents
When you hear us calling for the above please step up!
Groups are broken up by Gender then by Grades.
1 Coach • Leads a group from one event to the next and writes down measurements.
1 Assistant Coach • Helps the coach & call out measurements.  Goes to the finish line to gather runners for next race. 
1 Team Parent • Helps get runners into lanes.
Team Parent • End-line Holds end-line tape (Must be Middle School age or older)
Team Parent • Ribbons • Pass Out Ribbons (Must be Middle School age or older)
Will last about 30-40 minutes 
Runners are split by Gender, then by grades.  
Some grades will be grouped together then split up into heats (Faster & Slower).
Example: Pre K & K • 1st & 2nd • Ect 
When you walk up to the track pick up your Dreadhead Track Top.  
All Dreadhead Track Tops are placed in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s information. 
If you signed up after the deadline date you will not receive one.  We suggest to wear your schools P.E. Shirt. 
Publix Brown Bags
The Dreadhead Track To is separated into Brown Bags by the following School Name Below: 
  • Debary Elementary 
  • Freedom Elementary
  • Ivy Hawn 
  • Manatee Cove Elementary 
  • Creative Arts Early Learning Academy 
  • Discovery Elementary 
  • Forest Lake Elementary 
  • Timber Crest Elementary  
If you do not see your school, your child’s Dreadhead Track Top will be placed on the blue bench.
What to Wear & Bring
  • Bring your own black or dark shorts, no pockets is preferred.
  • Any type of sneakers are appropriate.  You do not need to wear spikes.
  • (1-2) Water Bottles 
Your Procrastination will not be our Priority!
  • We hold Parent 100% accountable for their runner.  
  • It is your responsibility to arrive on time.
  • Cheer on the slowest runners who really needs the push and support!
  • You are expected to read this entire email. 
Tents & Chairs
The school has stated no tents are chair are to be set up on the infield.
You can sit up in the stands on either side.
It is up to you to look at https://dreadhead.com/spring-deltona/ for the next practice/meet dates and times.
End of the Meet
When your runner is finished with their last event they may leave.
Make strong efforts to not walk on the track while races are still going on.
We will have extra waivers printed at the 1st practice/meet.t
They will be placed on clipboards on a blue table at the entrance to the track. 
Please place the completed Waiver in the WHITE BIN
Kenny Bonnett Jr. 
Dreadhead Sports Company
407-619-3600 (Cell/Txt)

Check here one week prior to the first meet for important information.

What to Wear & Bring

Practice:  Athletic shorts, t-shirt or tank top. Sneakers are the ONLY shoes to be worn during practice and meets. 



Meets: Dreadhead Track top with black athletic bottoms (parent supplied).

Dreadhead Track Shirt Distribution 

Track shirt will be distributed during the 1st Practice.  Each runner will have their shirt in a plastic bag:  School Name, Child’s Name & Size.  Shirts will be placed  in bins. The bins will be labeled separated by sizes (T3 • T4 • T5 • Youth Small • Youth Medium • Youth Large • Adult Small). 

Practice is not Mandatory

If you don’t make it to the first practice/meet; you can pick it up at the 2nd one.

If you signed up after the deadline no Dreadhead Track Top will be provide.  We suggest to wear your school P.E. Shirt. 




Has electronic whistle, leads a small group, keeps track of time.

Assistant Coach

Help the runners get in lines.

Help repeat what coach says with larger groups.

Demonstrates what coach is asking runners to do.

Team Parent

Help runners sit down at start line.

Help runners get ready for coaches instruction.

Help runners focus when waiting for their turn to run.

Stand at area they will stop running.

Help runners stop at appropriate area.

Help runners jog not walk back to the start (in the grass).

Help runners sit down in their heats.

Click Here to Download Sample Practice Plans (Plans may not be updated to this season)



One Coach needed per Grade/Per Gender/Per Heat • Leads group from one event to the next. Writes down event measurements.

One Assistant Coach needed • Helps the coach & calls out measurements.  Goes to the finish line to gather runners for next race.

One Team Parent needed • Helps get runners focused.

The Events PDF will not be posted until 1 week prior to the 1st meet.

Updated as of March 7

Click to Download Events – 2024 Spring Deltona Events


We strive to push your child and keep them moving.  We train from one drill to the next with short water breaks in-between.  Safety is the most important part our program.  Any child who chooses to hit, bully or say inappropriate things will be asked to sit out.

If He/She does it again they will be asked to to leave.  This is not a day care or babysitting program.  We are here to coach, inspire and get children and parents motivated.  If you see your child doing something they should not, I strongly suggest to help them to stop.  Children’s safety and feeling comfortable around other children is top priority.  This is not a program where your child will have multiple chances on multiple days to correct their behavior. They will quickly be asked to sit out. If they choose not to listen you will be told to take them home.


Your Procrastination will not be our Priority!

We hold parents 100% accountable for their child.  It is on you to arrive early, work with your child and cheer on ALL RUNNERS.  Cheer on the slowest runners who really needs the push and support!

What People Have to Say


Absolutely great experience. Wasn’t too sure what we were getting into but it better then imagined! Perfect for numerous reasons. Track in its self. Preparing for another sport or even just pure exercise and competition! Would recommend to anyone!


I appreciate the fact that Dreadhead Sports allow other schools that are not close to participate. Track is my sons element and this team has taught him how to be humble and a good competitor. I love how they have javelin, long jump, running jump, hurdles and various races. Everything is very fair so everyone has a chance to win. The owner is a great leader and has instilled good values in the program. It is literally everything we were looking for. I just wish there were more seasons to join.

Selena, Outside School Area

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